Move your SMME to the next level with targeted branding

Clear and compelling CONTENT is what turns visitors into customers

Excellent content that can help customers FIND your company

You need to cut through the confusion to make your message clearer, cleaner and more concise. Any written material you distribute is a reflection of your company, its products and services. Sloppy copy could lose you the sale.

And why should you spend your time on non-core pursuits like writing and marketing when you can employ someone to do it for you in a fraction of the time?

Let Write Here get it right for you first time, within budget.



The words you choose, and the way you use them, are as important to your brand as the right logo, colour scheme or design. They send clues to your customers about the kind of organisation you are.

Content strategy is fundamentally about getting the right content to the right user at the right time, matching consumer need to brand strategy.

Copy writing services include:

  • Researched articles
  • One-on one interviews
  • Telephonic interviews

Write Here provides quality written material for the following:

  • Advertorials
  • Blogs
  • Brochure copy
  • Case studies
  • Feature articles
  • Mailshots
  • Newsletters – gathering information and writing (digital and printed)
  • Pamphlets
  • Press releases
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Search engine optimised articles
  • Websites
  • White papers.



Attention to detail is a critical aspect in any content and can mean that you retain the reader’s interest, which leads to the action you desire. Poorly written content, with spelling and grammatical errors could result in a potential client moving on to one of your competitors. For authors it can be the final polish of your manuscript that will launch or enhance your career in the exciting world of publishing.

Write Here provides an editing and proofreading service for business documentation, technical white papers as well as for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.


Email Campaigns

A regular email newsletter is a non-intrusive way to keep your brand in your recipient’s minds. It’s also highly effective and represents exceptional value for money. According to Experian, the average business email delivers over 40 times return on investment. However, because of the sheer volume of emails your potential customers receive daily, your email needs to stand out to make an impact.


SEO Content

Your website is your online shop window – it’s where all of your social media, email and blog activity points back to. Clear and compelling website content is what turns visitors into customers.

People read quickly online, so you need your copy to be easy to read. Using the right words helps to persuade your visitors to convert to becoming your customers. Google favours high quality copy that naturally contains the keywords your audience are searching for.


Marketing/Communications Strategies

Strategic planning and the development of a customer insight and campaign is critical. Write Here focuses on identifying the real opportunities where content can help brands play a meaningful role in their customers’ lives. Using social media platforms, Write Here creates conversations between brand and customer through timely, relevant and entertaining brand content.

Write Here can assist SMMEs in devising communications and marketing strategies that maximise brand exposure through a mix of traditional and digital media.

Allyson Koekhoven

With almost four decades in corporate public relations and publishing, Write Here’s owner Allyson Koekhoven has sharpened her pencil on a number of projects. Involved in all aspects of corporate PR for a number of years, Allyson also ran a successful communications agency and lectured PR students at a well-known business college, before returning to the world of magazine publishing.

Having been on both ‘sides of the fence’, Allyson is able to provide businesses with written copy that makes products more marketable and also makes editors ask for more. Publishers will benefit from the feature idea resources and editing capabilities Allyson has cultivated in her dealings with a multitude of corporate enterprises.


Allyson Koekhoven has written a number of feature articles on our range of equipment for various business to business media. The feedback received from these publications is that Allyson has the knack of writing in the style required from each editor. From my personal perspective as the marketing coordinator for Kemach JCB, Allyson lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. She is able to take a project from the conceptual stage, through research, interviewing, writing and gaining approvals from clients, to the final stages of submitting it to media she has targeted.

In addition, Allyson’s advice on timing of story release and ensuring the correct angle to a story is achieved, are advantageous to us and are a result of her many years of experience in the field of industrial writing and editing. Allyson’s ability to fully understand the media we submit articles to is a huge bonus for us and gains us the much needed exposure we seek.

I would strongly recommend Allyson’s services as a writer or communications strategist.

Elise Isaacs

Contracts Administrator, Aveng Group (previously Marketing Coordinator for Kemach JCB)

Allyson worked closely with our technical and sales teams to produce case studies and corporate articles that were perfectly suited to the various horizontal and vertical media she had targeted. She has the ability to understand technology and write articles in a way that makes it easy for a layperson to understand, without being patronising. I would have no hesitation in recommending Allyson as a freelance writer.

Jonathan Kahn

Group CEO, Virditech

I highly recommend Allyson as a freelance writer.

Vivienne Dorrington

CEO, Technews Publishing

Allyson is highly self-motivated and proactive. The quality of her work has always exceeded my expectations and been produced in a timely fashion.

Brett van den Bosch

Editor, Dataweek

I have worked with Allyson for some time on different projects and she has always delivered on time, on brief, leaving me little to do in the way of editing or proofreading. She works well with clients and we often receive positive feedback on her interactions. Even with short deadlines and difficult tasks she always proves her tenacity to get results and turn in quality work. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Andrew Seldon

Editor, Hi-Tech Security Solutions

Allyson has been working with us on client profiles and case studies and has added huge value to this sector of the magazine. She is a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend her.

Jane Van Der Spuy

Product Manager, Technews

I have had the privilege of working with Allyson Koekhoven for quite a few years now. Allyson is the PR ‘guru’ on some of the trade exhibitions within my portfolio. Allyson is a dedicated, hard working person and she is always willing to go the extra mile. She has never disappointed and I can recommend her highly.

Charlene Hefer

Portfolio Director, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery

I have worked with Allyson on several projects, including a complete edit of my website, and have found her to be professional and enthusiastic in our dealings. She has the ability to understand my requirements quickly and her advice and contributions have added significant value to outcomes. I recommend Allyson highly and am confident that she will continue to provide me with valuable outcomes with my plans in the future.

Wade Venter

Founder & Owner, Snap Marketing

I am about to release a boxed set of 13 devotional books, and Allyson Koekhoven offered to critique several of the short books for me. She returned each to me within a 24-hour turnaround. Amazing. I was especially impressed with her sharp eyes and ability to spot phrases that had been missed by other readers. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services for editing non-fiction, and I hope to enlist her help again in the future.

Shirley Corder

Author & Founder, Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA) Online Support Group

Read CWOSA’s Shirley Corder interview with Allyson – ‘Meet the Editor’ – to find a bit more about the manuscript editing process.
Shirley Corder

Author & Founder, Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA) Online Support Group

I worked with Allyson for the first time on a short book of stories and poems I wrote in preparation for Father’s Day. Allyson was able to understand the message I wanted to get across and made some excellent recommendations of style which I happily accepted. She was professional to deal with, from her initial quote through a quick turnaround time and final invoicing. I am very pleased with the finished book and have now launched it on Amazon as both a paperback and ebook. I can strongly recommend Allyson to anyone requiring any editing work. I will certainly be making use of her services again.
Anna Jensen

Author, Anna Jensen

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my project take?
This is bit like asking how long a piece of string is. The more information you provide in your initial brief, the more accurately the timeframe, as well as the expected costs, can be calculated. Writing a document from scratch takes at least three times longer than editing a document. Proofreading takes around half the time that copy editing takes. Remember that if you rush the job to try and save money, you will often end up with something neither you nor Write Here would find acceptable.
Who is responsible for gathering information for written copy?
Provided you supply Write Here with a list of the people most suited to the task, Write Here will conduct interviews with these people to ensure that the right quality and quantity of background material is obtained.
Who is responsible for signing off the copy?
Write Here needs to know up front which person in your organisation will assume responsibility for sign-off. The same applies to sign off from third parties (your customers).
How much notice does Write Here need before a deadline?
Ideally, you should brief Write Here at least three weeks before any deadline. If articles require multiple interviews and in-depth research, six weeks is preferred. Remember that the more people who are involved in the sign-off process, the longer the lead time needed to obtain final approvals.
Do you work on a retainer or ad hoc basis?
Packages are tailored to suit a client’s budget and requirements. Those clients who have regular writing or editing needs are the ones most likely to benefit from a retainer contract. These contracts can be customised to include a number of articles monthly, which means that costs are identified and contained up front.
What is the next step once I have decided to employ Write Here?
A preliminary meeting will be held whereby Allyson familiarises herself with your business and its services and/or products. If you are signing a retainer contract, fees will be discussed and regular one-on-one or telephone meetings will be scheduled going forwards. If you require ad hoc work, the interview will take place at this first meeting and approximate costs will be discussed.



Allyson can be contacted on: +27 (0)82 561 0876 – alternatively complete and submit your message below:

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